Vision and Mission

Our raison d'être makes our company the leader in both innovation and the use and application of new technologies in the business of manufacturing, marketing and distribution of automatic doors for lifts.

This results in the consolidation and loyalty of our greatest assets:

  • Our customers, with whom we work to create safe, reliable and high-performance doors.
  • Our employees, for whom the Fermator group provides an optimal environment in which to pursue a successful career in a global technology company.

Chart To achieve this, the Fermator group is based on four main pillars:

  1. Remaining a single-component manufacturer.
  2. Being a global company with the adaptability of a small one. This feature enables us to operate meeting the specific characteristics of each market and customer (for more information, see Distribution Network).
  3. Manufacturing high quality products to cover any market segment and application (for more information, see Product Segmentation).

  1. To make a significant investment in RDI, especially in relation to products, but also with regard to processes, training, systems and information technology.