Environmental management and quality policy

The Fermator Group’s aim is to be a leader in innovation and in the application of new technologies throughout the business value chain, including in the original idea, design, manufacture and marketing of automatic doors for lifts; all this through environmentally sustainable solutions.

The Quality Management and Environmental Management System implemented is based on compliance with ISO 9001 and the corresponding applicable lift regulation. The Fermator Group assumes the commitment of an efficient management for the control of the environmental impact and the preservation of the environment, fulfilling, and as far as possible exceeding, the legal requirements that the organization subscribe and the requirements of ISO 14001.

The Fermator Group is committed to creating a frame of reference that attracts and motivates all its employees, customers, suppliers and environment, all this based on:

  1. Constantly increasing the effectiveness of the Management System.
  2. Delivering defect-free products and an excellent service, fully meeting its customers’ expectations.
  3. Prevention, control and reduction of the environmental impact of all the activities carried out by the Company’s various areas and work processes.

The Fermator Group has a Head of Quality Management and Environmental Management with authority to ensure the implementation and effectiveness of, and compliance with, the Environmental and Quality Management system throughout the company, as well as to report to the General Management on its progress.

Similarly, the best possible implementation of the Environmental and Quality Management System requires the active participation of our employees, suppliers and customers. The aim is to ensure that this system has a common aim shared by everyone and that it is communicated, understood, applied and reviewed for constant adjustment and kept up to date in every area of the organisation.